I’m Erik and I’m a Montreal-based photographer and videographer.

Beginning with a background in 3D animation and special effects, my interests quickly grew more towards creating video content (for YouTube, mostly). However, with the information of the world at my disposal, my interests eventually led me to teach myself about the complete ins and outs of photography. It started with some self-portraits to photographing friends and eventually leading me to booking my very first clients. That’s when Erik Paredes Photography was born. My photography has grown so much to the point that I am now a published photographer with works printed in various magazines, on the cover of comic books as well as displayed in fashion stores. I have also created my own private photo studio that can be used for anything from simple head shots to intricate sets. Though, this hasn’t stopped me from travelling to neighboring provinces and towns to continue working with wonderful people.

I’ve touched on almost every genre of photography; however, my heart lies in portraits (simple or conceptual), fashion and cosplay. I also have an interest in compositing/heavy post-production. Nevertheless, my ability to adapt means I can photograph in various styles.

I use the knowledge in everything I’ve learned so far with my previous related background to apply to my work today whether it be for photography or for video. And I believe that’s what renders my work truly unique. It’s what made Erik Paredes Photography evolve into something more; into the company that it is today: Erik Paredes Productions.

Picture taken by Tien Dang from Master of Arts Studio.